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May 18, 2021 | 10:05 PM

4 Productivity Tips For Tech Professionals To Better Work From Home

It has been almost a year since several companies and businesses have implemented a work-from-home scheme for their employees. This has been a safety measure from the COVID-19 virus that has struck many countries around the world.


Many employers and employees alike were overwhelmed by the sudden shift to work from home, but technology paved the way in making this transition more tolerable. It even gave some people job opportunities to explore. 


The tech industry easily adapted to this type of setup. In fact, IT developers and other offshore jobs have already started and embraced a work-from-home scheme even before the pandemic. And with its various benefits and advantages, it would not be long if many businesses from other industries will fully embrace work from home as an alternative from the usual office work setting. 


Working from home may seem nice and advantageous to a lot of people already. However, working remotely from the comfort of your own home may affect your overall productivity. Here are some tips to remain productive while working from home. 


  1. Have a Work-Life Balance 


Having a work-life balance may already sound cliché, but it is more relevant now. Making your home the same place where you work will make it difficult for you to separate your job from the life outside of it. And this will affect your productivity greatly. 


It is best that you dedicate a room or space where you will work. Having a designated workstation will help you separate your life at work and will help you to concentrate more on your tasks. Do not work in your bedroom or in any space where you are supposed to be relaxing so that you have somewhere to go and recharge when you get tired and fed up with work. 


Work-life balance while working from home also includes clocking out at the end of the day. Never extend your work beyond your official time, unless really needed. If there are things that you can finish the next day, do so. 


  1. Learn a New Skill 


A work from home set-up becomes repetitive eventually. That is why you need to learn a new skill or a hobby to disrupt your routine. With the easy access of technology today, it will not be hard to try learning something new like baking, cooking a dish, or even playing a musical instrument. 


  1. Sweat It Out


It has been clinically proven that exercise both helps with our physical and mental health. Working out for at least 30 minutes a day before starting to work will clear your mind and help you be energized for your job. 


  1. Breathe and Meditate


Things that are happening in the world today can be very stressful and overwhelming, which makes it hard to gain focus and be productive, especially when we are stuck at home working. When you are feeling overwhelmed with everything, it is nice to pause for a while and take a deep breath. Breathing and meditation can help a great deal in pulling us back from our sanity. 


A work home set-up has its own ups and downs that affect the quality of work that we give. But remembering to focus on what matters will help us a lot in maintaining our productivity while working remotely.  


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